Veronique N. Valliere, Psy.D.

Veronique N. Valliere, Psy.D.


Over the past 8 years, Dr. Valliere has trained across the country  and internationally with local, statewide, national, and international conferences.  She has served as an expert witness across Pennsylvania, in Texas, Wyoming, Alabama, Germany, and New Jersey, consulting in a number of other states.  Above are only some of the clients served recently.

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Dr. Valliere is a licensed psychologist and has her doctorate in Clinical Psychology from the Graduate School of Applied and Professional Psychology of Rutgers University.  She has over 20 years experience in the field and has worked in individual and group treatment with violent offenders and their victims, including domestic violence offenders, sexual offenders and victims, violent offenders, and substance abusers.  She also serves on the Pennsylvania Sexual Offender Assessment Board and has been reappointed twice.  She has published on the treatment and dynamics of sexual offenders and presented on the same at national and local sexual offender conferences.  She has trained Pennsylvania State Parole agents on the Supervision of the Violent Offenders, presented for the National Center for the Prosecution of Violence Against Women, trained judges, state police officers, and polygraphers.  She has been a guest presenter at numerous forensic and abuse conferences, appeared on television, and was interviewed for Good Housekeeping, People and Self magazine.

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Training Topics

  1. BulletRisk Assessment

  2. BulletSexual Offenders

  3. BulletDomestic Violence

  4. BulletAbuse and Victimization

  5. BulletPersonality Disorders

Training Topics

  1. BulletNon-Intuitive Victim Responses

  2. BulletThe Non-Stranger Rapist

  3. BulletManagement of Violent Offenders

  4. BulletDeception Detection

  5. BulletInterviewing Techniques

Training Topics

  1. BulletNarcissism, ASP, and Psychopathy

  2. BulletAbuse Dynamics

  3. BulletTreatment of Victims and Abusers

  4. BulletDual Diagnosis

  5. BulletResilience and Healing

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